Data: Bronx County has 3rd highest rate of Alzheimer’s in US

The Alzheimer’s Association shared new data Monday that showed the prevalence of Alzheimer’s across the five boroughs and beyond.
The new information -- released from the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference -- said that the Bronx has the highest rate of Alzheimer’s in the whole country. Brooklyn has the second-highest rate in our state.
Researchers with the Alzheimer’s Association say this high rate could be because there are more older people in our counties than compared to other places. They also acknowledged many people of color get diagnosed later on and that may be a combination of factors: access to primary care doctors, access to someone to do the test as well as the response from the health systems when people bring up concerns.
"Your neighbors are going through the same thing,” said Montefiore Hospital Center Dr. Jason Cohen. “You're not alone, there are a lot of resources out there to help."