Decision on NYC indoor dining could come as soon as Friday

A decision on when indoor dining can resume in New York City could come as soon as Friday.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday that his plan includes considering restaurants to reopen at 25% capacity indoors.
The State Labor Department released new numbers that show city bars and restaurants lost 11,400 jobs just in December alone.
"50%, 25% doesn't pay (city) rent," says  Sherrice Halbert, manager of Flambe. "We just have to stay innovative. Wait for plans to come forward and move from there."
In a statement, a spokesperson for the New York State Restaurant Association also calling on the governor to reconsider the 10 p.m. curfew in place saying, "We appeal once again to the governor to consider extending the curfew to midnight so that our restaurants are able to have that last turn of diners, which is of vital economic importance to so many of the state's restaurants. We look forward to our continued discussions with the governor and his staff about how we can make this work together."
Cuomo says he will be talking with health officials, restaurant owners and the mayor before making his final decision.