Decision to landmark old church in Flatbush in hands of the city

A passionate plea by one community to landmark an old church in Flatbush now lies in the hands of the city.
The Flatbush Church Of The Redeemer is more than 100 years old and faces an uncertain future.
The group Respect Brooklyn is made up of concerned citizens who live around the area. They are hoping the city will make land marking this church a priority.
The group sat down with the new owners who told them they don't have plans to demolish the building, but that they are open to renting or selling it.
Respect Brooklyn says words are not enough and that they want the church landmarked so that no matter what project comes forth, the church would be preserved.
The Landmarks Preservation Commission says it evaluated the church already and "after carefully reviewing its architectural and historical qualities, LPC determined that further study is needed to properly evaluate its significance. Such a study is not currently among the agency's current priorities."
LPC goes on to say that while it appreciates the importance of the building to the community, it must be very selective in choosing examples of the building for consideration as individual landmarks.