Deep Dive: Westchester leads state with 63% teen vaccination rate

News 12 is looking at back to school trends and this year that includes vaccinations.
A recent poll shows 62% of parents surveyed would feel safer if schools had higher vaccination rates.
Caleb Silver, editor-in-chief of Investopedia, says the teen vaccination rate is key as students head back in the next couple of weeks.
Numbers show that in the age range of 12-18, the vaccination rate is highest in Westchester County, with 63.1% of teens being vaccinated. In Nassau County 50% are vaccinated and in Suffolk County 38.3%. Meanwhile, in the NYC area, around 43% are vaccinated.
Is there any connection to vaccination rates in the counties and the number of COVID cases?
Silver says yes, and it is a key piece of data to watch. In Westchester, 63.8% of the total population is vaccinated and it has among the lowest COVID-19 rates in any county in the state.
However, down in Richmond County, where only 53% of the total population is vaccinated, there is a very high number of COVID-19 cases.