Demonstrators arrested in rally outside Amazon building in Brooklyn

Demonstrators rallied outside the Amazon building on Linden Boulevard Friday, leading to some arrests.
They tell News 12 they feel as though the web giant is taking advantage of a predominantly Black and brown community for its own gain. 
Community advocates say the community needs jobs, but they allege that Amazon has a horrible history with workers and needs to make changes. 
Demonstrators managed to push their way inside the building, past security, chanting, "No union, no Amazon."
The Seattle-based company says that the facility offers hundreds of full- and part-time positions with employees making at least $15 an hour, but there is no union for workers. 
Local political leaders told News 12 a few months ago that Amazon never contacted them before setting up a shop. 
At the time, Amazon told News 12 that it supports a safe and equitable workplace. 
Before demonstrators were put in handcuffs Friday, Community Activist Chris Banks told News 12, “If there’s no union, there should be no Amazon. You can’t continue to poverty pimp folks and give them low wages and disrespect communities of color who obviously we know are in need of jobs.”
News 12 reached out to the NYPD to see if there are any charges against the demonstrators and has not heard back yet.