Developer hit with backlash over plan to build a 14-story building in Sunset Park

A plan to build a 14-story building at the corner of 25th Street and 4th Avenue in Sunset Park is not sitting well with neighbors who rallied at the site Monday.
The developer, Totem, says it will not use subsidy money for the project. The company is asking the city to rezone the corner from a commercial site to a residential zone. The corner is currently home to a Dunkin Donuts and a parking lot.
Totem is promising that out of the 140 units proposed for the building, 40 of them will be affordable housing.
Community members say it's not enough.
Alexa Aviles, of Community Board 7, says members of the community will accept nothing less than 100% affordable housing.
However, Totem says complete affordable housing requires more paperwork and would make the project longer.
The plan also calls for an easement for the MTA to install an elevator at the 25th Street subway station.
A public hearing is scheduled for Thursday.