Dietician helps Valentine’s Day couples find healthier alternatives

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, many people are looking forward to sweet treats and chocolates, but one dietician spoke with News 12 about healthier options for you and your Valentine.  
February is American Heart Month, and registered dietician Tina McGeough joined News 12 at a local Stop & Shop to show how to put a healthy spin on Valentine’s Day. 
“So we definitely don’t want to take away the sweet treats that we love during Valentine’s Day,” said McGeough. “But we do want to highlight ways to love your heart.” 
McGeough recommends recipes like stuffed dates with peanut butter and chocolate chips that can serve as a replacement to candy bars. Another heart-conscious recipe – “better for you” brownies – are made with cocoa powder and oatmeal to help keep the body healthy.  
“We encourage people to eat more whole grains,” said McGeough. “They are rich in fiber which can lower cholesterol and reduce one's risk for heart disease."   
Another healthy alternative is chocolate hummus, which can be used as a substitute for chocolate frosting or just as a delicious dip.  
“Why do we like chocolate hummus? It’s really rich and creamy, and the right amount of sweet without the added sugar,” said McGeough. “We’re not saying don’t ever have your favorite candy bar, don’t ever have a cupcake. These are just ways to make small changes you can make if you’re looking for something different.”