District leader starts petition asking for more police officers in Bay Ridge

Recent acts of vandalism in Bay Ride have been a cause for concern for the area's district leader, who is proposing adding more police officers in the area.
In Darn Donuts' six years of operation in Bay Ridge, the 4th Avenue shop has dealt with numerous acts of vandalism. In June, vandals threw firecrackers and smoke bombs into the store. Then this weekend, surveillance video captured a person knocking over a table outside, nearly damaging a $10,000 window.
Last month, multiple tires were slashed in the neighborhood.
John Quaglione, 46th Assembly District leader, started a petition asking for more police officers within the 68th Precinct.
"If they're looking for car vandals, they can't be watching out for trouble on the commercial strips where there is heavy shopping going on," says Quaglione.
The NYPD offered a statement saying in part, "Precinct staffing levels citywide are carefully monitored but constantly fluctuate ... Year-to-date through Dec. 1, 2019, overall crime in the 68th Precinct is down .4%."
Quaglione believes the key is to prevent crime from escalating. He's hoping for more signatures before mailing the petition to the mayor and governor for consideration.
"If we're going to allow these small things to happen, they're going to turn into bigger things," says Quaglione. "It's proven theory."