District 75 schools return to in-person learning today

Schools in District 75 are welcoming students back into the classroom today.
PS X811 in Crotona Park is just one of dozens of schools dedicated to students with disabilities.
Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city's schools chancellor have allowed the more than 20,000 students enrolled in the network of schools to return to in-person learning.
Those who opted for in-person learning will need to participate in the randomized coronavirus testing program. Every student is required to have a signed consent form on file or bring one to school.
The schools will also be giving out the consent form to parents and guardians who haven't signed it.
The Department of Education says school nurses will, or have received special training on performing a nose swab.
According to the DOE, results take 48 hours and the test help the department identify positive COVID-19 cases where symptoms are not always present.
There are some exemptions for coronavirus testing for students with health conditions. Students must have a form signed by their doctor to qualify.
Parents also have the option to get their child tested with an outside health care provider.