‘Disturb the status quo’ – Activist claims her work has made her family an NYPD target

Nupol Kiazolu says her activist work with the Black Lives Matter movement has made her family a target for harassment by the NYPD.
She explained herself in a series of tweets last week.
"My brothers get harassed on a daily basis by the NYPD in my neighborhood,” Kiazolu told News 12. I get harassed. My mother gets harassed. There has been so many times where cops and detectives have shown up to my door, berating my mother with questions.”  
She says that they have filed reports about police harassment with the police, because “we didn’t really have any other choice.”
Kiazolu says the recent arrest of her brother at the Utica Avenue train station on Jan 28 made her reach out and share her story. She tells News 12 he swiped a friend in with his MetroCard just before the arrest.
Police sources confirmed the arrest and told News 12 it was his second arrest in January – both were for similar incidents of selling swipes having altered MetroCards.
"I am just trying to figure out what happened to my brother and why, because they charged my brother with a felony for selling swipes which was then dropped down to a disorderly conduct charge,” said Kiazolu.
She says she is organizing a non-violent protest outside Grace Mansion to call Mayor Bill de Blasio’s attention to her issue.
“Protests are not peaceful, we are there to disturb the status quo,” said Kiazolu.