Doctor gives tips on keeping your skin safe in the sun

The sun will be shining all weekend, but News 12 wants to make sure you’re staying safe while you’re soaking it in.  
Dr. Charles Gropper, the director of the division of dermatology at SBH Health System says sunscreen is paramount when defending your skin against the sun.  
“Apply sunblock about 15 minutes before you go outside, then roughly every two hours if you’re going to be out for a long period of time,” said Gropper.  
Gropper says that people need about one ounce of sunblock to cover the skin adequately, adding that most people often use only half of what they need. He adds that it’s not only the spring and summer that put your skin at risk – using sunscreen daily is recommended year-round.  
The New York City Parks Department says they plan to have free sunscreen available for all at the city’s public beaches all summer, including this weekend.