Documentary highlights renowned martial artist from Brooklyn

A documentary is highlighting a world-renowned martial artist who calls Brooklyn home.
Sifu Rahsun Herkul is a provisional master of a Kung Fu discipline known as Wing Chun.

"Wing Chun is an art that was developed in China, and I'm one of the few African-American martial artists from Brooklyn who are studying and practicing this art,” says Herkul.

His practice is now mainly out of California, but he often returns to his roots for special training sessions. He says it was, after all, his upbringing in 1970s Brooklyn that inspired him to fight.

"Look, I'm not going to get stomped out and jumped anymore, and I'm going to learn how to defend myself,” says Herkul.

Herkul grew into one of the world's elite Wing Chun artists and is now getting recognized for it.

Herkul is the focus of a soon to be released documentary on Wing Chun.

"People are kind of seeing it one dimensionally, and I want to give them a better view of the system,” says Herkul.