Dog cafe opens in Brooklyn

At Boris and Horton, every day is bring your dog to work day."We're like the office for folks who have to work, they sit on their laptops, but they can bring their four-legged friend with them."
Co-owner Coppy Holzman says he and his daughter wanted to create a space where dogs and humans can work, play and eat during the work day.
With all of the dogs running around, it might look like a dog park but Holzman describes it as a 'luxury dog park'.
After the cafe's successful launch in East Village back in 2018, Boris and Horton has now opened up a second location in Williamsburg.
Holzman says his favorite part about the space is the community that it fosters between New Yorkers.
"From my own experience, dogs are a catalyst for conversation... nothing breaks the ice than having a dog come up and try to steal your grilled cheese sandwich."
Boris and Horton is located at 510 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn.