Dog Day Fridays for Sept. 27

This week's dogs are up for adoption at Our Best Friends Animal Rescue Inc. They brought five puppies!
Dali came into the rescue after she had been abandoned by her previous adopter who asked a friend to watch her and never returned. She has a weak bladder and needs a very inexpensive and simple medication to control it. She is a very affectionate girl who enjoys being with her person or people.
Dixie Belle was rescued by a woman in Arkansas who fell on hard times. Before then, the woman says she rescued Dixie from a family that never treated her broken leg. The rescue is treating her leg, and is now ready to be adopted. She's great with all animals.
Max is a Min Pin/Chi mix and is absolutely one hunk of a guy. Max weighs in at about 10 pounds. He is a very tidy pup and doesn't like to get dirty.
The cats, Righty and Lefty, were rescued from the bumper of a car.