$100 per month utility bills? Green energy is making it a reality for some

Residents living in one Bridgeport community say their utility bills are barely more than $100 per month, thanks to 100% green energy.
Seaview Village is a gated community in the East End of Bridgeport that is entirely fueled by green energy. Each condo is equipped with solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling units.
"That allows folks in this community to experience 50 to 60% savings," says Seaview Village Project Manager Christy Duffy-Acevedo.
And beyond the savings, the pilot program is already making Connecticut a greener state.
Officials in the area are noting the village's success.
"I think this could go statewide," says State Rep. Chris Rosario. "I think this could be a national model."
The result of a vote in Hartford this week will determine whether the pilot program could expand to other towns in Connecticut.
Rosario says the vote would allow for the creation of a Municipal Energy Savings Area, which would make federal dollars more available so that other neighborhoods, particularly low-income areas, can share in the energy savings.