Dominican culture and literacy event wraps up at Lehman College

Sunday wrapped up a weekend festival at Lehman College that honored Dominican culture that also shed light on literacy.
This is the first time the festival made its way to the Bronx. Both international and local authors and publishers discussed Dominican culture and literature.
"Many book fairs they held for 20 years, so we decided we should come to the Bronx. The Bronx is overpopulated and underrepresented," said Ray Andujar, of Dirección de Cultura Dominicana.
Books from 28 publishing houses filled the Music Building at Lehman College.
"They are coming from the Dominican Republic, New York, other states. The Carribean, South America and Europe," Andujar said.
The CUNY Mexican studies institute partnered with Dirección de Cultura Dominicana to host the first literature and culture festival.
The events spanned three days to feature literary workshops and lectures, art, and musical performances.