Donald Trump’s attorney disputes credibility of E. Jean Carroll during assault, defamation trial

Former journalist E. Jean Carroll returned to court on Thursday to testify in a federal civil case where she is accusing former President Donald Trump of rape.
Trump’s attorney Joe Tacopina questioned Carroll’s failure to remember the date of the alleged crime. He also questioned her motive for coming forward with the accusation over two decades after she claims it took place.
On Tuesday, she testified that Trump raped her at a luxury department store in 1996.
Trump has repeatedly denied the incident ever occurred. He is not expected to appear at the trial, but the jury is expected to see parts of a videotaped deposition he gave in the case.
News 12 spoke to a sexual harassment attorney who says it is Carroll’s job to prove the crime happened and cross examination will give her an opportunity to substantiate her claims.
Tacopina is set to begin the cross examination of Carroll when the trial resumes on Monday.