DOT fixes thousands of potholes caused by recent snowstorms

With the snowy weather causing damage to roads, the Department of Transportation says it is trying to stay ahead of potholes by repairing hundreds a day.
The ice and snow of the season has been rough on roads throughout the city, creating thousands of potholes and causing car problems for drivers.
NYC DOT District Supervisor Pat Saulino says the department has been working hard to repair problem areas around the city caused by recent snowstorms.
"When water or moisture gets under the pavement, it expands and contracts, and then the traffic drives over it and what happens is it opens up, and the salt doesn't help either," Saulino says.
This year alone, the DOT says its crews have repaired more than 5,000 potholes in Brooklyn and more than 4,000 in the Bronx, with hundreds more to go.
"We have seven crews, so if you add that up we can get at least 300 potholes a day," Saulino says.
One by one, crews go to each pothole, lay asphalt, roll it, and seal it with asphalt-cement. The DOT says fixing the potholes is a part of its Vision Zero goal of making the streets safer and to reduce traffic related accidents.
The DOT says any complaints about potholes in your area can be reported by calling 311.