DOT introduces plans to curb traffic-related injuries on Eastern Parkway

The Department of Transportation is proposing new features along Eastern Parkway to reduce traffic-related fatalities.
The DOT says new measures are needed because when the parkway was built in 1874, it was not prepared for the amount of daily use it would eventually see.
The measures take aim at issues including the lack of traffic light-controlled intersections at service roads and the absence of light signals on service roads for pedestrians.
Also included in the proposal is the lack of crosswalks on the northern side of the parkway, which causes pedestrians to either walk all the way around or jaywalk. And the proposal mentions the inconsistent lane markings at intersections, causing driver confusion.
The DOT and pedestrians say a lot of danger stems from confusion between drivers, bikers and pedestrians over who has the right ofway. The proposal hopes to ease that by introducing stop signs and more pedestrian crossings.
The department also says it aims to focus on five priority intersections – Franklin Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Kingston Avenue, Utica Avenue and Rochester Avenue -- which have seen the most traffic-related injuries.
Additional ideas include more signals to pedestrian crosswalks and installing exclusive right turn lanes with their own turn signals.