DOT: No plans to install traffic signal, speed bump at Dyker Heights intersection

According to one Dyker Heights neighbor, 11th Avenue is practically a racetrack and he says he has been fighting to improve the block for years.
Nick Guarella says he has been trying to improve the safety of the intersection on 78th Street and 11th Avenue since 2004.
"After repeated attempts and studies where they said the traffic light wasn't warranted because it didn't meet their regulations, I guess someone has to die before they put in a stop sign. Then we finally got a stop sign,” said Guarella.
However, he says it hasn’t stopped or even slowed down drivers.
"I have witnessed near misses. It's like, I call this NASCAR alley. They drive by here so fast. it's just unbelievable,” said Guarella.
Vision Zero shows that this past year, there have been at least 14 accidents along 11th Avenue. Guarella thinks a traffic light would have a bigger impact.
"Maybe you could put a flashing red light, something that makes people more aware of what's going on here,” said Guarella.
The New York City Department of Transportation tells News 12 in a statement, “At this time, there are no immediate plans to install a traffic signal or speed hump at this intersection. However, DOT will open a signals study for future review.”