DOT sidewalk repairs deemed unnecessary by Bushwick homeowners

Many Bushwick homeowners and residents believe sidewalk repairs issued by the New York City Department of Transportation are unnecessary.
Many neighbors got together more than a decade ago to replace the sidewalks in front of their properties on their own dime.
According to one resident, the sidewalks are in good condition and he does not understand why the DOT is trying to replace them when there are supposedly others far worse on the block.
One neighbor got the sidewalk repaired at the end of April 2019. Soon after, many other homes nearby received notices of violation with claims that there was a trip hazard.
Many believe it would be a huge burden to the working-class families on the block, if they were to pay for the repairs out of pocket.
The repair work is scheduled to be done next week. It is a topic of concern for some residents who say concrete work should not be done in winter, fearing the sidewalks will be cracked come spring.