Dozens march to raise awareness about domestic abuse

Dozens of people came together in Downtown Brooklyn Sunday for a walk to raise awareness about domestic abuse.
Marchers walked halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge, calling for change to prevent domestic abuse. Local leaders also came out in support of the event.
Kim Weston is the organizer of this event. She says she was a victim of domestic abuse nearly two decades ago.
While she was able to get herself out of that abusive relationship, she says she felt she needed to do more to help others.

“We lost too many this year. This year was different. This year we lost a lot of beautiful women and that's got to be the last year. No more,” she says.
Weston says she was able to bring the group together, including many loved ones of victims. They want to make sure they do everything they can to prevent other families from losing someone they care about to domestic abuse.
“We have to make sure that these women know that they are loved outside of the relationships," says Weston.
The issue affects both men and women, but according to the National Coaltion Against Domestic Violence, the statistics are nearly twice as high for women, with one in four experiencing physical violence.
Walkers say they will be back again next year, and they hope for more supporters to raise awareness.