DSNY unveils new trash bins, rules to fight back against rats in NYC

Mayor Eric Adams and Sanitation Commissioner Jessica Tisch announced a new course of action to containerize waste and eliminate rats in New York City.
This comes over a year after the commissioner's well-known anti-rat speech.
"Effective fall of 2024, all residential buildings with nine or fewer units will be required to do what the rest of the world has done and place their waste, not straight on the sidewalk, but into a secure wheely bin," Tisch said Wednesday. 
Adams says the goal is to be "the cleanest big city in America."
The special wheely bins will be the first official New York City garbage bin. Tisch says DSNY is beginning the process now, releasing a request for proposal as well as looking for a vendor to design, build and sell the bins.
By fall of 2024, all trash in residential buildings meeting the nine unit or fewer requirement must go in a general bin.
The rollout of the city-official bins will begin in 2026.