Dyker Heights businesses claim tree is affecting sales

Two Dyker Heights businesses claim that a tree is affecting their sales.
Joseph Caria would love to show off his 13th Avenue shop, Luca Salon, after spending a month renovating it, but he says that's not quite possible.
"We can't because we have this tree in front of our store," he says. "It's actually blocking the awning; people don't know we're here."
"It totally blocks both of our stores, the names, you can't see the signs," says Trudy Wisner, owner of also-affected shop Paws R Us. "And now it's hanging down so low you can't even see in from the outside."
The city Parks Department tells News 12 that "risk is determined by the likelihood of a branch hitting a target and the consequence of that impact. This tree was found to be low risk and in good condition following two recent inspections."
News 12 has learned that business owners can apply for a permit to have a tree professionally pruned. But Caria says he was told no way.
"The city got back to me and said if I did that I would get a penalty from it," he said.
The tree is expected to grow, which would require the Parks Department to trim it. For now, Caria says he just hopes that business will pick up.