Dyker Heights Christmas lights face changes, challenges amid coronavirus pandemic

Thanksgiving is hours away and Christmas is right around the corner, which means it's time for “Dyker Lights.”
Due to the pandemic, one the brightest attractions in New York during the holiday season is facing some challenges and changes.
The extravagant lights and Christmas decorations that dress Dyker Heights homes bring together tourists and people from all over to get into the holiday spirit.
"We've had hundreds of thousands of people come to Dyker Lights on a regular basis, but this year we really don't know considering COVID, we have no idea what to anticipate,” says Josephine Beckmann, Community Board 10 district manager.
The Community Board 10 district manager and Dyker Heights Civic Association president say they don't expect as many tour buses and large groups to be strolling through.
But even though this is not an “official” event, they're doing everything they can to keep everyone safe.
"We have been thinking about this year and proceeding as if with the agencies just make sure we have enough coverage and traffic safety in the event that people do come,” says Fran Vella-Marrone, Dyker Heights Civic Association president.
They say police officers will be out ensuring people are social distancing, and if any tour buses do show up, they will not be permitted.
Those who live in the community say years past have been very crowded and even gotten out of hand.