E. Flatbush residents rally against homeless shelter

Residents rallied Thursday against a homeless shelter currently under construction at 200 Linden Blvd. in East Flatbush.
People at the rally said that more needs to be done to end homelessness and want a permanent housing solution. They say adding another homeless shelter will force people to shuffle from one shelter to another.
Proponents of the proposed shelter say it will help people get back into a permanent home and give those who fall on hard times a safety net.
The Department of Homeless Services says the new facility would include services ranging from health and wellness to employment counseling – the goal being to help people re-enter the workforce.
Department of Homeless Services Deputy Press Secretary Arianna Fishman said in a statement, “This high-quality facility will offer 69 families experiencing homelessness…the opportunity to be sheltered in their home borough, closer to their support networks and communities they called home as they get back on their feet.”
Concerned citizens believe that this isn't the way to help someone get back on their feet.
"I don't see any actual people moving into any permanent home,” said Allyson Martinez. “All you're seeing is people being shuffled from one area to the next.”
The Department of Homeless Services says the shelter is slated to open between late spring and early summer.