Early Bird Coffee hosts new art exhibit dedicated to Bronx artists

Early Bird Coffee, a coffee shop based in Riverdale is dedicated to highlighting artists from the Bronx. On Sunday, local artist Clare Hagan debuted her show “Earth Altars” at the shop.  
Hagan says that her art is part of a larger mindful outdoor practice where she meditates, including Van Cortlandt Park. After sitting silently for at least 20 minutes, she builds her designs.
Early Bird Coffee has been in business since 2021.

"Before we even opened the shop here, there was nothing in this row here…It needed a place where people could come and gather and have a little respite,” said Katie Mayer, Co-Proprietor of Early Bird Coffee. 
All the photos featured at Early Bird are available for purchase. Ten percent of the profits of the show will be donated to the Van Cortlandt Park Alliance and “Earth Altars” will be on display until end of March.