East Flatbush residents: Local street flooding, tree's large roots making area dangerous

Residents in East Flatbush say a local street floods every time it rains heavily, and a tree that lifts the sidewalk is making it dangerous to walk on. 
They say rainwater floods the sidewalk and street on Schenectady Avenue - attracting mosquitoes in the summer and creating icy roads and sidewalks in the winter.

Community members say water sitting on the side of the road Sunday was a result of heavy rainfall from three days ago,
They say the water gathers at the bottom of their driveways, forcing pedestrians to walk in the road to get around it.

Neighbors say that a tree's large roots have shifted the sidewalk, making it hard for people to walk on.

After reaching out to the city and local leaders for the past several years, they say they're frustrated because no one has come out to fix the flooding issue or the tree.

The Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene say they will investigate the issue.
News 12 reached out to the DOT and the Department of Parks and Recreation but has not heard back yet.