East Flatbush voting site leaves voters stranded for hours

Brooklyn residents looking to vote in East Flatbush this morning were stranded outside of the polling site in the cold, with some saying they waited hours before being able to vote.
“Do you not want our Democratic district voters to vote? We care about our district,” said Shevon Haywood, one of the disgruntled voters left waiting outside.  
Haywood says she was waiting since 7 a.m. and that she came early to make it to work on time. She says that some voters left during the extended wait.  
“People are very disgruntled,” said voter Kenrick Williams. “There’s a lot of people inside that are complaining.” 
At approximately 12 p.m., poll workers were seen at the East Flatbush voting site placing signs outside and voters eventually made their way in to cast their ballots.  
One person associated with the catering hall serving as the voting site says that someone from the Board of Elections who had a key to the site was not on site when polls were scheduled to open at 6 a.m.  
News 12 has reached out to the Board of Elections for further details on the opening delays of the polling site and are waiting to hear back.