Education Ambassador: Social studies teacher and CUNY professor Gregory Monte

Gregory Monte is a social studies teacher in Brooklyn, New York, and an adjunct professor at the City University of New York. 
Gregory was raised by a teacher in a family of teachers, education, which shaped his early love of learning and public service that inspired his background in higher education and public affairs before devoting the past decade to teaching high school. Embracing FDR's belief that "the real safeguard of democracy is education", he guides students to overcome personal and academic obstacles to become civic minded. 
A proud Brooklyn native and UFT activist familiar with the many challenges in public education, he is inspired by the versatility and passion of his colleagues and students, particularly during the immensely disruptive COVID pandemic.  As students, educators and staff face a new school year, he is proud to highlight achievements, challenges, and crucial information about another unprecedented school year.

2021-22 Vlogs from Gregory:

Jan. 18 - Gregory Monte talks about the last two weeks in the classroom with the return from break. He gives kudos to other teachers.
Sept. 3 - Gregory introduces himself and talks about going back into the classrom.