Elderly residents say they don’t have consistent heat in their homes

Some elderly residents in the Bronx say that their homes do not receive heat consistently as temperatures continue to drop in New York City.  
Elderly residents at the Rain Apartments in Olinville have organized a group to enact change and bring consistent and reliable heat to their apartments.  
“Last night the heat was on. If it stays that way, it’s going to be perfect, nobody would complain. That is all we are asking, we are senior citizens,” said 13-year resident Mike Lobhai.  
Staff at the building says the boiler is working and that temperatures in the apartments on Monday were adequate.  
Some residents told News 12 some of the drastic measures they’ve taken to remain warm, including boiling water for long periods of time, using electric heaters, and wearing multiple layers and blankets to make it through the colder nights.  
Wavecrest Management oversees the building and says that each apartment meets or exceeds the city’s required temperature of 68 degrees during the day and 62 degrees at night.