Escape to Home: Pub Shed

In this week's Escape to Home segment, News 12's Christine Insigna learned how to make a pub shed - so you can hang out with your friends and relax.
Watch an extended video how to make a pub shed - and then scroll below for instructions and materials!
Here is step-by-step what you need to do:
1) Empty and clean existing shed or buy new one
2) Plan out design
3) Determine where you need outlets and switches
4) Hire licensed electrician
5) Insulate ceiling and walls. For ceiling use insulation trays to help with airflow
6) Install ceiling
7) Paint or stain ceiling
8) Install ceiling fan (optional)
9) Install walls
10) Paint or stain walls
11) Build bar frame and top
12) Stain bar top
13) Install outdoor rated refrigerator and kegarator
14) Install trim
15) Lay down floor
16) Serve ice cold beer
Here is what you'll need:
Insulation trays
Shiplap boards
1x2’s (for trim)
1x4’s (for trim)
1x6’s  (for trim)
Sanded plywood
Vinyl floorboards (waterproof and scratch resistant)
TV (optional)
Portable speaker(optional)
The 3Cs:
Cost: Without electronics - $3,000; with electronics - add another $5,000
Commitment: 2 men around 90 hours
Difficulty: 4.5 difficulty level
See photos from this, and other projects below:
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