Exclusive: Bronx family in mourning after loved one ejected from dirt bike in police chase, died from injuries

Video shows Samuel Williams being arrested after he was ejected from the bike by police.

News 12 Staff

Jun 2, 2023, 2:11 AM

Updated 360 days ago


A Bronx family is mourning the loss of their loved one who was ejected from his dirt bike during a police chase and later died from his injuries. 
Samuel Williams was riding his dirt bike when he became involved in a police pursuit. Police say Williams’ bike was unregistered, and that he was driving recklessly when he collided with an unmarked cruiser on the University Heights Bridge.  He died from his injuries hours later. 
Video shows Williams being arrested after he was ejected from the bike, however, the family’s attorney says that police are not telling the full story.  
“An officer took it upon himself to cross over the yellow line, into oncoming traffic,” said Jamie Santana, attorney for Williams’ family. “You are going to cause significant injury, if not death, and unfortunately that’s exactly what happened in this case.” 
While dirt bikes are not street legal, Santana says that should not result in putting riders, officers and the public at risk.  
A memorial now grows outside of the store where Williams worked to commemorate his life - and just down the road, candles glow in the lobby of his family’s apartment.  
“He was a loving father, he adored his daughter, he was a family guy,” said Shari-Anne Williams, Samuel Williams’ sister. “We want justice.”

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