Exclusive: Bronx resident says no improvements have been made since start of rats invading her home

Two weeks ago, News 12 took you into the home of Darlene Jackson-- a Bronxite whose home is infested with rats. On Thursday, News 12 took another trip to Jackson's to see how the situation has evolved.
"I'm having heart wrenching nightmares," says Jackson, describing the anxiety the rats have caused her. "I'm always thinking I heard something crawling."
The same fears Darlene Jackson had two weeks ago still remain. She tells us since the rat situation started, she has seen around 25 rats.
She says the management has done seemingly nothing, despite visible signs of rodents nibbling on her cabinets and belongings.
News 12 has reached out to management multiple times and has yet to hear a response about how they plan to resolve this situation.