Exclusive: NYCHA tenant scared for her health due to excessive mold in her home

A New York City Housing Authority tenant is worried about her health and safety due to the excessive mold inside of her Soundview apartment.  
Milagros Huertas says she has been pleading for repairs since the mold first appeared at the end of August. In September, it only got worse.  
Huertas recently suffered a stroke and lives with multiple underlying health issues.  
“It’s depressing,” said Huertas. “I feel depressed because I’m not used to living like this and it’s horrible.” 
Huertas took News 12 through her apartment and showed the growing mold on her ceilings and walls. She says it’s taken away from her holiday spirit this year, as she doesn’t want to put up a tree or decorations only for the mold to damage them.  
Photos shared with News 12 showed NYCHA staff inside of the apartment just moments after News 12 left the scene.  
NYCHA released a statement to News 12 saying they completed a mold inspection and are now trying to coordinate temporary relocation for Huertas while scheduling a mole abatement of the unit.