Exclusive: Victim shares story of hit-and-run in Pelham Bay

Police say they’re looking for a person who may be responsible for a hit-and-run that took place last week in Pelham Bay.  
Bobby Gurrero said he went for a lunch in the park last Friday on his bike but didn’t make it back home because he was struck by a driver who kept going.  
Surveillance footage given to Gurrero by a nearby laundromat shows the moment the car struck him and kept driving. Gurrero says he was traveling down Westchester Avenue attempting to make a right turn onto Sands Place, when he collided with a dark-colored sedan making a left turn from the opposite side of the street. 
“I just bounced off,” said Gurrero. “My bike went one way, I went another. Gladly, I was just scratched and not hurt that bad.” 
The NYPD told News 12 that the suspect is still out there, which is why Gurrero has declined to show his face in the interview. Gurrero is upset that his new e-bike was damaged, but he’s hopeful that the driver will be caught before anyone else gets hurt.