Experience, adventure inspire scents at Industry City candle studio

An entrepreneur from Park Slope has turned her passion for candles into a business.
Brooklyn Candle Studio owner Tamara Mayne says candles have the ability to transport people.

“They make me feel kind of at home. It’s a feeling of home that candles create,” says Mayne.

She says it's her goal to transport her customers, inspired by her own experiences. She hopes any one of the over 25 scents at her Industry City shop can change people’s moods. 

Before customers can experience different places through scents, it starts with flakes of wax.

Step one, Mayne says, is to melt the wax into a liquid, infused with fragrance. 

She then transfers the melted wax into containers which go on trays, solidifying overnight. That's when wicks get trimmed. 

Her third step is labeling the candles. 

Finally, a lid goes on, and that is when Mayne says the adventure awaits.