Experts offer insight into what COVID-19 vaccine news means for schools, businesses

Many are looking forward to getting some normalcy after pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that it is on track to release a COVID-19 vaccine by sometime early next year.
“We are going to anticipate that the vaccine is not going to be readily available to the public until middle of next year. We're talking late May, early June at the earliest, and that's if the states get it right. They are the first to pre-order the vaccine once it's available to the states,” said Dr. Anthony Harris.
Dr. Harris works with WorkCare, a California-based company that provides business safety and health practices to keep employees safe.
He says the time is now for schools and companies to start preparing for the return of their workforce before a vaccine is made available.
“We are advising employers now to partner with your local health care provider, the clinics are there, the hospitals that are there,” said Dr. Harris.
He says employers should begin to educate their essential and at-home workers about the importance of getting vaccinated.
“A good example of whether you have a good workforce willing to accept COVID-19 vaccine is through survey. How many have gotten a flu vaccine? If your numbers are dismal, then you got some work to do,” said Dr. Harris.
As the nation waits for a cure, Dr. Harris says universities, schools and businesses need to continue to encourage social distancing, hand-washing and masks to stop the spread of the coronavirus.