Families gather outside Metropolitan Detention Center to protest inmate treatment, COVID exposure

Concerned families gathered outside the Metropolitan Detention Center Friday to protest the treatment of inmates. 
They are calling for action as coronavirus cases increase inside the facility. 
For weeks, there have been protests outside of the MDC. This comes after a COVID-19 breakout inside the prison at the top of the list of grievances--stories of correction officers not wearing personal protection equipment and many family members saying they have no idea if their loved one is COVID positive or not. 
The Federal Bureau of Prisons says there are 87 COVID-positive inmates at MDC. That’s almost 7% of the total inmate population and in addition to seven staff cases. 
According to the Bureau of Prisons, the nationwide number is notably less at 4.9 %. 
Family members argue that aside from any new intakes, all are supposed to receive a negative PCR test, in addition to a health screening before being admitted, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. 
They say the only other people coming in and out of the jail that could transmit COVID are the correction officers. 
In the absence of social visits, which have been suspended indefinitely, the BOP tells News 12 they planned to give each detainee 500 telephone minutes per month.