Family anxious to return home following Concourse Village fire caused by lithium-ion battery

A Bronx family is calling for building management to make necessary repairs and let them back into their home less than a week after a fire in Concourse Village.
Patti Vega and her family moved into the apartment building more than 40 years ago. Vega says that her home was plagued with issues – including rodents, flooding and caving ceilings. The latest damage came on Wednesday morning when the building at 289 Bonner Pl. broke out into flames. 
According to the FDNY, the fire was started by a charging lithium-ion battery. Fire officials say there were multiple batteries charging inside the apartment building at the time.
Dressed in the same clothes as when they escaped that fire Wednesday morning, the family is now asking to be let into their first-floor unit, only damaged by water to salvage what's left.  
"This fire proved to us that they really didn't care," said Vega, speaking about the building’s management.
News 12 reached out to the landlord and is awaiting a response.