Family, elected officials urge NYPD to discipline officers who fatally shot Kawaski Trawick in his home

Family and supporters are calling for justice nearly four years after Kawaski Trawick was fatally shot by police in his apartment.
Trawick was shot and killed by police on April 14, 2019. After officers responded to a distress call at the 32-year-old's apartment, video shows them entering Trawick's kitchen and tasing him before fatally shooting him.
Trawick’s parents traveled to New York City from Georgia for meetings with the Civilian Complaint Review Board and say they are fed up with the delays.
They believe the officers unjustly killed their Black and gay son and they want them removed from the force.
Public Advocate Jumaane Williams stood in solidarity with them.
“From start to finish, the job was done wrong, someone is dead and no one is accountable,” he says.
State Sen. Julia Salazar calls it outrageous that incidents like this keep happening.
“Now we have Black and brown faces in high places and yet…we still have NYPD officers killing young Black men in their homes with impunity,” she says.
The Civilian Complaint Review Board disciplinary trial begins April 24.
The NYPD confirmed that the two officers involved are still on active duty and that the discipline process is ongoing.