Family in mourning after death of son and college basketball star

A Brooklyn family is mourning the loss of their loved one, a college basketball star, who died five days ago. 
Tabidi Abdelamaged was the team captain of Kingsborough Community College’s basketball team. His sister remembers the moments when she waited 10 minutes to hear from him before she saw first responders racing to the gym.  
Abdelamaged had a seizure in the locker room. EMS tried to resuscitate him, but he later died in the hospital.  
“He wanted to continue his studies at Kingsborough,” said Cassandry Dy, Abdelamaged’s sister. “He was due to graduate in January with his degree to teach to be a gym teacher cause he just wanted to inspire others.” 
His friends and loved ones say that Abdelamaged will forever be remembered for his talent, heart and spirit.