Family irked by response to oil leak that left backyard and basement damaged

A Brooklyn family is still seeking help months after their yard was contaminated by an oil leak.
Nazam Ghanie says more than 200 gallons of oil spilled in his yard and some even seeped through the cracks into his basement.
“When the tank busted, the oil came all over the place,” Ghanie says.
He called Approved Oil Inc. on Jan. 9 to replace barrels of oil he uses to heat his house when the oil leaked.
Ghanie says the employee at Approved Oil Inc. left without resolving the issue, leaving Ghanie to clean up the mess alone.
Approved Oil Inc. told News 12 that, “The situation at 203 Pine Street remains ongoing” and they are working “as quickly and safely as possible to remediate the property and resolve the issue.”
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation also issued a partial statement, saying: “DEC continues to work with the homeowner at 203 Pine Street in Brooklyn to ensure cleanup of his basement following an oil spill on Jan. 9 during a fuel oil delivery by Approved Oil Inc.”
The family says the yard was a place for gardening and barbecues, and now they are afraid they won’t get any use out of it during the summer.
Ghanie says he is legally entitled to a proper clean-up job.
“The job is cheap,” Ghanie says. “They don’t want a cleaning company or a contractor to do the proper work.”