Family relieved to receive help from NYCHA after complaints of apartment concerns for over 2 months

After two and a half months of dealing with scalding hot water and pieces of Sheetrock falling from their ceiling, one family says they are finally getting some relief. 
Alexander Rodriguez says he has been documenting the condition in his family’s bathroom for months. 
“I feel frustrated to be honest,” Rodriguez told News 12. 
The family says that back on Oct. 10., their bathroom started filling with steam and a pipe spewing hot water. They also shared with News 12 a video of steam coming out of their bathroom window, when no one was even taking a shower. 
They add that the whole family suffers from asthma. They say they feel it’s only gotten worse. 
The family says the ceiling drips scalding hot water all the time, which forces them to use an umbrella to shower or use the toilet. They say they have pages documenting their many calls to NYCHA and the fire department. 
The FDNY says members went to the apartment on Sunday and declared the situation an emergency. 
However, a plumber was never sent, according to the family. After News 12 reached out to NYCHA, the family says housing staff came out to measure the broken steam pipes, take photos of the damage and turn off the boiler--for the first time since the problem started two and a half months ago. 
According to a statement from the NYCHA, the leak was “caused by a cracked heating pipe.”
“NYCHA staff was able to complete the repairs last night (Monday night) and the riser was replaced by plumbers. NYCHA staff is working with the resident to schedule painting the bathroom,” the statement says.