Steamy and hazy weather settles in Brooklyn

Fare-free bus pilot program coming to the five boroughs in September

Each borough will have one line where commuters can just walk on and off without paying.

Amanda Bossard and Rob Taub

Jul 17, 2023, 9:18 PM

Updated 337 days ago


MTA officials announced Monday a new pilot program that will make one route for buses in each borough fare free.
The initiative, to be fully installed by late September, will allow commuters the chance to walk on and walk off the bus.
The routes that are part of the program include the Bx18 Local line connecting Highbridge to Morris Heights in the Bronx, the B60 – connecting Williamsburg to Canarsie – in Brooklyn, M 1-16 between East and West Harlem, the Q4 – running east of Jamaica – in Queens and S46 and 96 in Staten Island. MTA officials added those specific routes were chosen because they connect commercial corridors in low-income areas where city residents rely on bus service to get around.
State officials acknowledged the program will last between six months to a year.

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