Father: Bronx teen’s body found, search continues for missing friend

The body of one of the teenage boys who went missing after jumping off the Spuyten Duyvil bridge has been found on Tuesday, according to the victim’s father. 
Oscar Moronta says he received a call from a detective telling him that his son, Isaiah Moronta’s body was not too far from where he and his friend went missing more than a month ago. 
He says someone called police after discovering the body, although it remains unclear where exactly Isaiah’s body turned up. 
Oscar Moronta says his son jumped in the water to try and save his friend, Manny Flores, who was drowning back on March 13. 
“They confirmed it was him through the dental records but it’s not easy getting that phone call it really hit me a lot of people have been thinking I’m strong in this but it’s actually just having good faith and having hope but it hit me pretty hard today at least I get closer I got what I asked for,” said Oscar. 
Sources tell News 12 that they decided to go to the river to have fun, and that Isaiah jumped in first. 
They also tell News 12 that when Isaiah came out of the water, Manny went in and he was drowning, so Isaiah went in to help him. They say both of the boys came up and they were both swept away from the current. 
Oscar says the search is not over until Flores is found. 
The NYPD would not officially confirm the identification of the body found. News 12 reached out to the medical examiner and has not heard back yet.