FDA will begin restricting certain form of animal tranquilizer as it becomes popular to mix with illegal drugs

The FDA says it will be banning the animal tranquilizer drug known as Xylazine and nicknamed “trank”. 
The drug has become popular as a mix with illegal drugs and can sometimes lead to death. Some even refer to this as the “zombie drug” as it can cause whoever digests it to have their body freeze up, become paralyzed or have their skin start peeling off. 
Ninfa Mehta, medical director of the emergency room at SUNY-Downstate says the drug was made to tranquilize large animals and was never intended for human consumption. She adds that prevention methods like Narcan does not work to reverse these effects.  
“We don’t have an antidote for it, it’s not a drug made for people,” said Mehta. “Most people don’t choose to take this drug on its own. Most people are taking it in conjunction to another opioid.” 
Medical professionals say that this drug lowers your blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate to dangerously low levels that can lead to a coma or even death.