DOB: Tenants of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens building hit by MTA bus ordered to vacate

The Department of Buildings (DOB) is ordering tenants of a Prospect-Lefferts Gardens building hit by an MTA bus to vacate the premises.
The FDNY says 16 people were injured when an MTA bus drove into an apartment building at 174 Lincoln Road around 2 p.m.
The crash caused structural damage, and it is no longer safe to occupy, the DOB says.
The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening, according to the FDNY. Out of the 16 who were hurt, 13 were hospitalized.
All tenants have been offered emergency relocation assistance.
Prentis Mitchell tells News 12 he was in his car when he witnessed the accident. He says he even helped to get passengers out of the bus after the crash.
"I was at the light right there waiting to turn left in my car. So the bus was coming down and hit a flatbed and then that's when he veered left, basically to avoid coming into ongoing traffic, when he ran up on the curb and hit the home," Mitchell says. "Me and the other guy that was in front, we jumped out and got them out the bus, I was holding the door open, trying to hold the door open. Yeah, these people were hurt, bus driver was hurt, but a lot of people were OK, thank God"
Mitchell added that the driver was conscious and seemed worried about his passengers.
Officials say the B49 bus was heading to Manhattan when the accident occurred.
They say the driver is 55 years old and has never had any accidents during his 13 years on the job.
The Department of Buildings has an investigation into the incident ongoing