FDNY: 3 children, 1 adult killed in Bronx house fire

Three children and an adult died Sunday morning after a fire engulfed a home on Castle Hill Avenue Sunday morning, the FDNY says.
Authorities say the youngest victim was a 10-month-old girl.
Officials say they responded to a call at 939 Castle Hill Ave. at Quimby Avenue that came in around 6 a.m.
They say the fire started in the back of the brick home and eventually spread to a white house next door.
Witnesses say the family in the brick home tried to escape by going out the windows and hopping from one house to the next, but they all did not make it.
A Ring camera recorded neighbors as they ran over to the fire after seeing the flames and hearing people inside the home screaming for help. They called the fire department but it was already too late.
When first responders arrived, fire officials say they found two brothers ages 10 and 12 years old, dead. Four others were also pulled from the blaze, including the two young boys, their 22-year-old brother and his 10-month-old daughter. Officials say they later died at Jacobi hospital. Two others are still in the hospital in serious condition.
The victims are all from Yemen and their family and relatives crowded the street for most of the day.
Both homes were gutted and debris from the home lined their driveways.
Those who live in the white home all made it out alive.
On Sunday afternoon, Mayor Eric Adams walked through the damage.
"He lost his children and it's extremely painful," Adams said. "We are going to be here for the family make to make sure that we can assist with all of the burials and any support that they need at this time."
As of Sunday night, the fire marshal was still working to figure out how the fire started.