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FDNY: 8 firefighters in stable condition after massive 3-alarm Bronx fire

Eight firefighters are in recovery after responding to a massive three-alarm fire in the Bronx on Tuesday.

News 12 Staff

Jul 6, 2021, 9:29 PM

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Eight firefighters are in recovery after responding to a massive three-alarm fire in the Bronx on Tuesday. 
The fire broke out on Coster Street on the sixth floor of an apartment building around noon. 
The fire department tells News 12 that the fire started in apartment 5C and spread to two other apartments in the B wing. 
No civilian injuries have been reported at this time, according to the FDNY.
News 12 obtained exclusive footage of a young boy being lowered to the ground from a fire escape. Sources say he did not live in the building and was visiting a friend’s house after day care.
Deputy Assistant Chief Kevin Brennan tells News 12 that eight firefighters were taken to the hospital--two with minor burn injuries and six with injuries due to heat exhaustion. 
He says three apartments in the building are destroyed by the fire and that up to 20 units are affected by water and smoke damage. 
The residents of the damaged units will be provided with housing at the Webster Hotel by the American Red Cross. 
The fire is under control, according to the FDNY and the eight firefighters are now in stable condition. The cause of the fire is still under investigation

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